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Tip 1 : Cut down on the pasta. Pasta is often recommended as a healthy food, and it certainly is far healthier than many alternatives, but it is still high in calories. Endurance athletes eat a lot of pasta, which should tell you something about its properties as a storer of calories.

Tip 2 : Go to as sugar free a diet as possible. Sugar is extremely high in calories, apart from its other negative implications for health. Switching to alternative foods with no sugar will help you lose weight at a much faster rate.

Tip 3 : Make more of your fluid intake water. Drinking water is highly recommended, and it does help stimulate the burning of fat.

Tip 4 : Use a pedometer to track the amount of walking you do. Find out how many steps you make in a normal day, and then try to increase it. Try walking where you didn't walk before, on shopping trips, or just to the park on a sunny day.

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